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Innovative Rich-Media-Display-Ads

Die Clipcentric-Plattform stellt Ihnen leistungsstarke AdTech zur Verfügung, mit der jede kreative Vision auf unterschiedlichsten Geräten zum Leben erweckt wird.

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HTML5-Ads ohne Coden

Innovative und interaktive Ads ohne kostspielige Programmierung. Der Service von Clipcentric ist meist preiswerter als hochspezialisierte Inhouse-Mitarbeitende, die zudem schwer zu finden sind.

20 Jahre Erfahrung

Clipcentric bündelt mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Display Advertising in einer innovativen Plattform. Sie profitieren von Vorlagen für umsatzsteigernde Premium Display- & Rich-Media-Ads.


Insights zu den besten Display-Ads

How well do display ads perform in different formats and industries? Get Clipcentric’s free benchmark report to know which ads are most successful.
Egal welche Ad-Server-Technologie

Unsere Ad-Tags sind mit jeder branchenüblichen Ad-Serving-Technologie kompatibel

Dynamische Auslieferung

Anzeigenvariationen je nach Device-Typ, IP-Location oder Browsersprache

Grenzenlose Flexibilität

Anzeigenformate und Funktionen sind beliebig kombinierbar, z.B. HTML5 + Video + GPS Map

Maßgeschneidertes Reporting

Tracking-Parameter, Synchronisierung mit Server-Parameter oder Third-Party-Tracking – alles anpassbar.

+ 5000000000
Ad impressions per month


Clipcentric vereinfacht die Erstellung vieler Anzeigenformate – egal, ob IAB-Standard Ads oder individuelle hochkomplexe Sonderlösungen. Entdecken Sie hier eine Auswahl unserer unzähligen Ad-Möglichkeiten! P.S. Bitte melden, wenn Sie spezielle Wünsche haben!


Überzeugen Sie sich selbst

Take a look at the Clipcentric ad studio together with our experts, find out how the managed service works and secure your free ad impressions.

Feedback unserer Kunden

Noch Fragen?

How can I test Clipcentric without obligation?

Contact us or arrange your personal online demo. Then we will set up a test credit of one million free impressions for you.

Is Clipcentric GDPR compliant?

With your own servers in the EU, your data is always stored in compliance with GDPR.

How much does Clipcentric cost?

Depending on whether you use Clipcentric’s Full Service or Self Service, you only pay for one technical CPM. This means you won’t incur costs until your ads generate impressions.

What does "Managed Service" mean?

On request, we take over the full service of ad creation for you: from the layout to the finished ad tag – with inexpensive and fair billing every 15 minutes.

What does "self-service" mean?

You create your ads yourself with the Clipcentric ad studio – based on existing templates or completely “from scratch”.

Do you have any further questions?

Lust auf mehr?

Entdecken Sie News, Knowhow, Case Studies u.v.m. von Clipcentric.

Do you have a question?

Let us know your request.

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Clipcentric Ad  Generator for HTML5 Ads

With Clipcentric’s HTML5 ad generator, you get the perfect combination of modern design and advanced technology. Our powerful and reliable ad generator gives you all the benefits of a professional advertising tool without having to invest a lot of time or effort. Create aesthetically pleasing HTML5 ads for different screen sizes with just a few clicks, so your customers can receive your messages optimally via the web browser.

Responsive Ads Generator

With our HTML5 ad generator, you can easily create responsive ads that automatically adapt to any device, so you have more relevance to your audience and are guaranteed to have a positive impact. No coding skills are required – use our intuitive drag and drop editor to create impressive ads. For an optimal result, our experts ensure that the quality of the ads remains high. Clipcentric’s HTML5 ad generator gives you everything you need to create dynamic and modern ads.

With the professional tool, you can create your ads quickly and easily. The process is extremely intuitive and requires no technical programming knowledge, so even beginners can create great ads in a short time. By using state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that our ads work flawlessly on any device. With the help of the ad generator, you can develop HTML5 display ads in high quality while optimizing traffic to your site. So use’s Ad Generator to have even more success with your ads!